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The spine presents 90% of brain stimulation.

If the spine has an abnormal structure or a NeuroSpinal dysfunction that activates the autonomic stress response, it can create a constant "Fight or Flight" response. This state of indefinite alert prevents relaxation and can contribute to anxiety symptoms. 

Having that much pressure on the nervous system can cause symptoms of emotional volatility, chest pains, panic attacks, racing thoughts, heart palpitations, difficulty sleeping and more.

Often anxiety is treated with medication, meditation, stress management therapies, and yoga. Although these can be effective as short-term band-aids, if NeuroSpinal dysfunction is the root of the cause, progress will be difficult, a solution will be rare, and there will be high chances of symptom relapse.

If you are seeking treatment for anxiety, we will assess for NeuroSpinal dysfunction that would contribute to those symptoms and secondary conditions.  Dr. Caliendo uses a technique that assists the nervous system to adapt to future stressors depleting the need for anxiety, enabling you to live well. By treating the root of the problem, you can move on from the challenges and live a better quality of life.

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