December 2017 Practice Member of the Month - John

I started coming for care because my quality of life was getting worse. I had back pain, sciatica, sometimes I couldn’t function and was feeling miserable. I was unable to do my job without any pain. I could not put my focus on my job or even simple chores without back pain: I could not work or play or work in my garden.

Before I came for care, I was seeing an orthopedic doctor who prescribed me strong anti-inflammatory drugs. After taking them for a while, I ended up with an ulcer.

So I decided to stop taking the drugs and go in a different direction. I started seeing a traditional chiropractor and, although it helped, the problem never completely went away.

One day, I was referred to an NSA chiropractor: Dr. Sabrina’s husband, Dr. Anthony Caliendo. The treatment was completely different from a conventional chiropractor. My pain started to go away with each treatment, and I started to feel great physically and mentally.

Something changed. I started to focus on my health, changed my eating habits to better nutrition, and noticed an improvement in my posture. I felt like I was young again. I was more positive in life in general.

Once again, I was able to do the things I liked to do free of pain. I continue to maintain my chiropractic visits with Dr. Sabrina all these years later, to learn about breathing exercises and SRI, and attend Dr. Caliendo’s lectures and workshops. I cannot say enough about Dr. Caliendo: she cares, she listens, and she educates every practice member who is willing to learn. I have never met a doctor that gives so much care and offers so much time for their patients.

November Patient of the Month - Karen

When I first came to Nurture Wellbeing, I was suffering with back and neck pain. On a daily basis, I was taking over the counter pain killers. Most days I was in “brain fog” and had difficulty concentrating. I was constantly exhausted both mentally and physically.

My pain prevented me from enjoying life—I had no fun. I was moving through each day hoping get to get through it. I had absolutely no energy.

Prior to seeing Dr. Caliendo, I was seeing a conventional chiropractor, and I hated the sound of bones cracking. This helped dull the pain a little, but it wasn’t treating the underlying issues I had.

After I began treatment with Dr. Caliendo, I found I became more mentally, physically, and spiritually aware. The constant “brain fog” I had was diminishing and the constant pain I was experiencing was subsiding. I was always a spiritual person, but the connection became much deeper. The treatments were dealing will all my problems and showed me how mind, body, and spirit are all connected.

This is something that pain killers and traditional chiropractic care do not heal.

One day, I realized that I hadn’t taken an over the counter pain killer in months! I was amazed!

I no longer “sweat the small stuff,” and realize through NSA care that I am on this earth for a purpose that is bigger than I could ever have imagined.

One of the biggest bonuses is meeting all the wonderful, like-minded people in Dr. Caliendo’s office! 

October Patient of the Month - Jerilyn, Danny, Catalina + Danny, Jr.

From Jerilyn: I came to your office 2 years ago when you first opened. I was interested in your services to support me during pregnancy. At the time, I had no idea how successful your entrainments would become for me. Now, your treatment is important to my whole family.

I lead a very busy life and pregnancy SLOWED ME DOWN! I work fulltime and I own a dance studio. At the time, we were preparing for performances within the same month. My energy was lacking, pains were showing up all over.

To treat the problems, I had tried to use Tylenol, massage, and yoga, but it wasn’t doing the trick.

After starting care, I became much more self-aware of my symptoms, body, posture, energy, and movement. My energy level improved tremendously.

Shortly after my treatment began, my husband became a member of your practice, as well. Both of our children have been adjusted since birth and we are beyond grateful! Our babies (boy + girl) are “cool kids” in part because of your treatments. Whenever something is going on with them, whether it be constipation, gas, crankiness, moodiness—after being adjusted, they come out relieved + pleasant. It makes life with 2 under 2 a little bit easier!

The support I have received throughout my care over the past 2 years, during pregnancy and nursing two babies (16 months apart), has been incredible! I have been able to bounce back from two C-sections with the support of Dr. Sabrina. Thank you so much! 

September 2017 Patient of the Month - Steve

As is true with many of the practice members at Nurture Wellbeing, I was referred to Dr. Caliendo through a family member who had had a positive experience herself. I came to her with a handful of physical symptoms such as knee pain, lower back pain, neck discomfort, and sleep difficulty which led to fatigue and a general lack of focus in my daily life. I was also at a point where I was simply lost and confused about what I wanted to do with my life. I had made a decision to change careers and was actually unemployed at the time I set up my initial consultation. As you can imagine, that left me very stressed out mentally and emotionally as well. Overall, I’d say I was living in a daze while just going through the motions of day-to-day life.

Due to the physical symptoms I was experiencing, I had to stop doing many of the activities that I really enjoyed. I stopped doing Crossfit, going for runs, playing tennis, and limited my activity in the gym. All of which added to my already high stress levels.

Before seeing Dr. Caliendo, I had been to two orthopedists and completed physical therapy for over a month. I would make the argument that physical therapy did little or nothing to improve any of my concerns. I was at a point where I just needed something to change.

After being under chiropractic care I can say that all of my symptoms and concerns have improved, if not completely gone away. There were even things that improved that I didn’t realize were a problem initially. For one, I was finally able to take a complete deep breath and fully expand my lungs. I was also able to relax more mentally and control my never ending mental thoughts and worries. Every time I receive an entrainment, I’m left feeling refreshed, relaxed, and more in tune with my body. I look forward to every opportunity I have to receive care from Dr. Caliendo and quite frankly have no idea how I made it all these years without it.

Speaking from an employee’s perspective, I’d just like to say that I believe Nurture Wellbeing has the most amazing group of practice members imaginable. It has been an absolute pleasure meeting and getting to know each and every one of you. I’m very fortunate and grateful to have been given the opportunity to work at NWB and learn from Dr. Caliendo and I want everyone to know that in addition to being a highly skilled and knowledgeable doctor that she is a very kind and caring person who has treated me as family from the beginning. The amount of growth I’ve experienced both personally and professionally over the past two years has been amazing and I wouldn’t be where I am without Dr. Caliendo’s chiropractic care and friendship. 

August 2017 Patient of the Month - Virginia

Before I came to Nurture Wellbeing, I was suffering from sciatica pain across my lower back, into the hip and down the leg to my feet—mostly on the right side but also on the left side. I would be in constant pain, sometimes severe. The pain level was 4-8. My energy was low. I experiencing hearing loss and mouth + teeth pain where I was sensitive to cold, hot, and sweets.

Walking was difficult at times and I had a limited ability to carry things and bend. I would get tired easily. After sitting too long, I had trouble moving and I would have to stand for a bit before walking again. I also found myself getting impatient at times with my family.

Before I started receivng care from Dr. Caliendo, I had a history of pain getting so bad that I could not walk or carry on with my routine. I would seek medical advice, get put on pain meds, muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory drugs. I had one ER visit in the past year before I started care. I took Advil at times when the pain was bad but tried to avoid it.

After a month of care, my pain decreased significantly. I do not have the sciatic pain anymore. I continue to have lower back discomfort, but that is improving. I do not take any pain meds now. I move quicker. I am more conscious of my posture and breathing.

I encourage all my family and friends to be evaluated by Dr. Caliendo to see if she is able to help you improve your health. I believe that she has helped me feel better. In the beginning, I was skeptical of her ability to help me, but now I know better.

I wake up pain free, a little stiff but nowhere near as bad as before I started treatments. I have no more mouth pain. I did get hearing aids while being treated but am hopeful that my hearing will improve.

I’m not as impatient or distracted, maybe because my pain has decreased.

After sitting for a while, I am able to walk right away rather than standing for a few minutes before being able to walk.

I had accepted the idea that my body was aging and the way I felt was going to be permanent. Now I know better. My health can and will improve significantly.

May 2017 Patient of the Month - Raechel

I found my way unexpectedly at a Nurture Wellbeing dinner one night through some pretty awesome people... (one of them kind of forced me to come).  I was a little skeptical on how all this was going to work for me and I thought "how is it humanly possible that Dr.C, Steve and her staff could actually be this kind???”  Turns out, it's true ... they really are unbelievably amazing and kind people.

After my first 3 treatments I cried like a baby with an overwhelming feeling of peace that I can't express in words.  I was no longer skeptical. Physically, when I came I had hip and back pain so bad that it prevented my performance in any physical activity that I loved to do. It didn't just hurt, it was pain. I had extreme, random blurred vision so bad it felt like I was going to faint 4x a week.  I saw every doctor and had every scan, test, and x-ray under the sun. They wanted to give me pain meds and send me to another doctor.  I decided I wasn't going to do either so I just learned to live with it as part of my body for years. Emotionally and mentally, I couldn't retain information well anymore, in turn making my patience short. My communication, which is the key to my career and relationships was not free flowing like my normal self.  Emotionally I was at a point in life where my feet were CEMENTED in front of a cross roads. I was genuinely incapable of taking a step in either direction. (That is when I started my commitment to my treatment).

After 2 months, every physical element that I had almost fully subsided.  After 3 -5 months, I was able to express myself with clarity, able to channel my energy inward, pass and receive it.  I became more aware and accepting ; I was able to change my reactions to some of the situations around me  that I had no control of; I was able to refocus and commit to myself and my meditation ; I felt guided back to a place that I lost along the way. Finally, I was able to stand in front of that cross road and put one foot in front of the other to that take the first step. I don't know at all where that road will take me but I do know that I didn't get to Nurture Wellbeing on accident. I believe there was a powerful reason (and the help of a loved one) that I found myself here. I am grateful for this opportunity that has presented itself to me. I am grateful for Dr. C and I am truly excited to discover whatever unknown comes next!

April 2017 Patients of the Month - Louise & Myles

I started coming to Nurture Wellbeing over a year and a half ago, since then my entire life has changed. I came to Dr. Sabrina with a myriad of physical issues from constant lower back and next pain, a sluggish thyroid, seasonal allergies and hormonal imbalances. Emotionally I was exhausted, spiritually disconnected and overall feeling uncertain about myself with a lack of confidence and getting very stressed out easily. I used to pride myself on living a healthy lifestyle, always eating right and being very active physically. So it always bothered me that I wasn't feeling great, I thought I was taking such good care of myself. When I had my first consultation with Dr. Caliendo and saw the deteriorating state of my spine I was devastated. My neck had decaying discs, and an almost a reverse curve, my lower back shaped like an S, I had severe scoliosis. 

Dr. Sabrina really helped me understand that my spine/nervous system was the missing link I needed to repair to be at optimal health.  Within only a couple of months under her care I felt major changes in my overall health. I had a surge in physical and emotional energy, I was able to manage stress better, and I felt in control of myself, confident and connected. At work I was exceeding all my goals, at home I was relaxed, patient and happier than ever. The dull constant pain in my lower back began to dissipate and I started to really feel the mind body connection I had been missing for so long. 

Now that it has been over a year under care I feel better than I ever thought possible. My hormones are balanced, I haven't had any seasonal allergies and I am the strongest, leanest and healthiest I have ever been. My whole perspective has shifted, and life overall has become more abundant and I am feeling more and more resourceful each day. I almost feel immune to stress as I have developed amazing strategies to cope with it through my care here at Nurture Wellbeing. 

My 6 year old son Myles also started seeing Dr. Sabrina at this time. He had been diagnosed with asthma at a young age and was prone to chest infections. His seasonal allergies always had him wheezing and struggling for breath. Daily nebulizer treatments where the norm. He also had some developmental delays with his speech and fine motor skills and was receiving speech and occupational therapies at school. Over the past year Myles has had no trace of asthma, his allergies are completely gone and he has not had to touch the nebulizer. His teachers are amazed at his progress in school. His expressive and receptive language skills are above average and his fine motor skills are well developed. He wasn't able to hold a pencil and now he will write and entire story with perfect penmanship (for a 6 year old). 

I am beyond grateful for my care at Nurture wellbeing, and look forward to my growth under Dr. Caliendo's care as continue to maximize my limitless potential.

March 2017 Patient of the Month - Kathleen

When I first came to the office of Nurture Wellbeing Chiropractic I was not in a very good place emotionally or with my health. I had continuous back and neck pain. I had been through the births of 5 children, kidney stones, shingles, breast surgery to remove cysts, cryoablation for excessively heavy menstrual cycles, constant migraines, IBS, as well as having two stents placed in my heart for 95% and 98% blockages. My body has been through a lot. Needless to say I was clearly not doing well and I am now 48 years old. Too young for all this! On top of all of that since I was always in pain, I was quick to get angry, I was emotional and I would say mildly depressed. I began having all over severe itching after I had the shingles, which I believe is nerve damage from the condition. Out of sheer desperation I asked Dr. Caliendo about this problem I was having, which was driving me to tears. She asked me to come into the office and have an evaluation. I was hesitant but I did it. After all I had been to an allergist, cardiologist, general practitioner, gynecologist and others. I tried every over the counter medication and topical cream, which did nothing. What could a holistic chiropractor have to offer me, even if she is my neighbor and friend? Well, I went and had the evaluation. It turned out I have double barrel scoliosis. Dr. Caliendo had me watch a video and explained to me what subluxations are. That when these nerves are pinched the right signals can’t get to where they need to go. Although what she said makes sense I wasn’t convinced. When I first began my treatments, although relaxing, I didn’t think it would do anything. After all, there is no pulling, popping or cracking of my bones like at a regular chiropractor. I gave it a few weeks and was not just pleasantly surprised, but shocked. My neck almost never hurt anymore. I did not have headaches. My back was better. I was definitely impressed. Once I incorporated the SRI breathing techniques and the treatments I really began to see results. I have now been there over a year and have had my re-evaluation and new x-rays. What a difference! My spine has much less curvature and I am in almost NO pain. I sleep better. MY IBS is completely gone. I am less reactive to difficult situations. I feel calmer and much less emotional. The severe itching is very minimal and not nearly as often. I can’t believe the difference in my physical and emotional wellbeing. I handle stressful situations with much more thought and much less emotion. I not only recommend and refer people to see Dr. Caliendo, I beg them! If you give yourself over to the process and commit yourself to getting well, you WILL feel better. I have seen my before and after x-rays. There is no denying the difference in the pictures. There is no denying the difference in the way I feel.

Thank you Dr. Caliendo!!

January 2017 Patient of the Month - Joann & Maxx


I was off balance; weak; would fly off the handle easy; couldn’t control myself. I suffered with hip pain for over 10 years and couldn’t sleep on my left side that’s how bad it hurt. It prevented me from doing many things but sleeping right was the big thing. I had physical therapy, acupuncture, even regular chiropractic treatments, nothing seemed to work. I lived on Advil pretty much every day to help with the pain. After starting with Dr. Caliendo I can’t believe how my hip pain totally went away. I sleep better. I can now lay on my left side with ease. I also am much calmer. I can control myself better. I feel less stress. She’s truly wonderful and her technique really does work. I owe so much to her. I only wish I had met her years ago.


I am ADHD. I started taking medication 3 years prior to seeing Dr. Caliendo. It worked for a while. Last September I was unable to control my anger, had screaming matches with my family members, developed ticks, got into trouble at school, my grades were awful. When I had my consult with Dr. Caliendo my x-ray showed I had scoliosis. My anger was stuck in one spot. She recommended me to stop my medication within a couple of months. I became nicer and was able to have conversation with my family members without flying of the handle. I focus better, my sports performance and school work is better. I owe a lot to Dr. Caliendo.


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