September 2018 Practice Members of the Week


Lauren F

I initially came to Nurture Wellbeing because I was having debilitating pain in my neck, right shoulder, and back. I was also trying to incorporate holistic wellness into my life in the hopes of a healthier lifestyle and a better sense of self. I was also suffering from daily migraines.

This pain prevented me from doing everything! Especially my work which I take very seriously.

Before I came to see Dr. Caliendo, I went to my general doctor. I am lucky to have an MD who supports and recommends chiropractic care as a preventative approach to self-care and health.

Within two weeks of care, my migraine days were cut in half…and so was the pain. By one month, I was down to zero migraine days! Now it may be once in a month if at all. My care has also encouraged me to make better life choices in general. I feel lucky to have my relationship with Dr. Caliendo and speak of her often with genuine love. 

August 2018 Practice Members of the Week


Jen Kott

I was recommended to Nurture Wellbeing because I was experiencing issues with back pain, inflammation, and an inability to sleep soundly. After completing my first three months of care, I have achieved relief to all the ailments I listed above, and so much more.

On top of my immediate issues receiving much relief, I have noticed an improvement in my ability to manage stressful situations and manage change with much more ease and even a sense of seamlessness. When I started care, Dr. Caliendo held a workshop where she stated many people end up changing their job or profession to more align with their goals or achieve greater contentment. I can say I have personally found greater enjoyment in my existing career and have come to recognize and appreciate my skills, and how to better utilize them both inside and outside of work, more so than I could have ever imagined before starting care.

The physical and mindful changes I have experienced are not only directly related to the entrainment care I have received from Dr. Caliendo, but also from the knowledge and information she provides to myself and all her patients. The information I have learned since starting care has truly supported and propelled my positive changes and has been invaluable in setting me up for my continued success.

Thank you!



What brought me to network chiropractic was severe and unremitting pain. I had severe spinal injuries due to automobile accidents and some troublesome general health episodes which were treated with much relief and with a bothersome quantity of medicines. Thankfully, on a visit to my much beloved and respected mom, I was introduced to a better answer.

Before care, chronic pain depressed me to low functioning in all aspects of my life. I retired on disability and certainly lost way too much of the joy of living. I slept as often as my pain levels would permit. I subsisted on non-nutritive foods because they were fast and easy which did my anatomy and spirits no good.

Back then, I had to get used to a life and body that wasn’t healthy, which very much depressed me. Until the accidents (at age 51), I was always in the most robust of health. But I utilized standard medical care (as opposed to health care), plentiful visits to MDs, specialists, surgical interventions, physical therapy, and an endless progression of prescribed medications. This I consider subsistence. I dragged my way through life.

With many thanks to the wonderful network chiropractors in Georgia, I was introduced to my affectionately esteemed Dr. Caliendo. The improvement in my quality of life is so world-opening, I am awed and so very, very grateful. My pain, although not yet altogether vanquished, does not rule my life now. I am more able to be the me I want to be: liberated from a crushingly restrained existence, eager to pursue a much more wholesome pathway to joyful health, and so deeply grateful for both the relief I have been blessed with and a much more responsible and progressing life.

Dr. Caliendo, you are a bright star in a world of overcast skies and my dear son wholeheartedly agrees!



Before coming to Nurture Wellbeing, I had been diagnosed with PCOS, affecting my physical and emotional qualities of life. I was on three different types of medicines, but I was not seeing the results I wanted to see. Because of this, I did not have the love for life that I have since getting care. After choosing to start care at Nurture Wellbeing, my symptoms started to dissipate and I started having a clearer outlook on life! I was more aware of my body and what I needed to do to take care of my body.

July 2018 Practice Members of the Week



As a business owner with a full-time job in addition, I was super-stressed when I first came to Nurture Wellbeing, which manifested itself in aches and pains in my back that often made it difficult to work. This led to depression due to decreased activity. In fact, sometimes I was completely immobile. I do agility sports with my dog as well as daily walks of 5-6 miles (she’s an energetic pup who needs that level of activity!), so when I couldn’t participate, it wasn’t fair to her.

I don’t believe in drugs, even over-the-counter ones, so I tried to just deal with the pain or visit previous chiropractors. However, their treatments only helped in the short-term over the long-term (30 years!). My back issues did not improve. Their treatment is entirely different from Dr. Caliendo’s and, looking back, I know equate it to being manhandled in comparison to Dr. Caliendo’s gentle entrainments.

Since starting care, the two biggest areas of improvement are that I have not had a single back spasm that has prevented me from working and while my stress hasn’t decreased, my ability to better handle the stress in my life has increased tremendously.

I’ve also been able to better manifest the things I want in my life since I have a better mindset and better health!

Elise, Karina, and Kaelib


I tried physical therapy a few times for the pain, but with little help.

After starting care, I can feel the difference inside my body.

I used to only be able to push my kids on the swings for five minutes. Now I can do thirty minutes with them!

At one point before I started, I could feel my body squishing my diaphragm and Dr. Caliendo took care of that for me! I’m now able to go grocery shopping and leave the store with NO pain. I can finally play with my kids longer! I’m becoming a happier person and also learning how to deal with stress.

When I first started here, I remember telling Ashley, the Clinician Assistant, that I could not fill out the intake paperwork that asks, “Where do you think you’ll be in 10 years?” because I thought I’d be a cripple by then because of the excruciating pain I was always in. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get myself out of bed to do anything.

Now I actually have hope!

I’m able to do a lot more and I hope that will increase. Now, in ten years, I’m hoping to have my own career and to stay fully active in my kids’ lives.

Thank you so much, Dr. Caliendo!



Firstly, I’d like to thank Dr. Caliendo, Cast & Crew for all they do for everyone.  The easiest way for me to describe Dr. Caliendo, her team and my experience is with one word ... Magical. The vibe and energy at NWB is awesome. You can’t help but feel it as soon as you step inside. It’s like an escape from reality, but it’s actually bringing people closer to reality than ever before. 

 Pay attention,

Follow instructions, 

 Trust the process  & 

 Reap the rewards. 

 Becoming more aware of yourself and your surroundings will have a dramatic, positive influence on EVERY aspect of your life.

June 2018 Practice Members of the Week


I am so grateful that the Universe led me to one of Dr. Caliendo's presentations.  As I sat in her office for the first time listening to her speak, I was so impressed. Not many doctors talk about disease prevention instead of disease management; this was right up my alley! I had originally planned on having my daughter see Dr. Caliendo but decided I would also become a patient. I have always been healthy, or so I thought, but after the initial x-rays and testing I knew that I could improve my health. I think the biggest change that I have noticed is the mind body connection. Slowing down and being more mindful as well as connecting the breath by using what I have learned in the SRI classes. I feel that my thinking is clearer and feel that my mood is better balanced. Prior to being treated by Dr. Caliendo I was having palpitations that I felt were due to a cortisone injection into my left shoulder, Dr. Caliendo was the first doctor that actually believed me and showed me, from my scan, how the spinal nerve to that area could have been affected. I no longer have the palpitations and do not feel an irregular heart beat. I may still have it at times but I do not notice it.  Another change that I have noticed is that I have no back pain. I have been an RN for 30 years and back pain comes with the job. I used to have a lot of pain when I sat or stood for long periods of time, I no longer have this. As I was sitting thinking of what changes I have noticed I realized that I have not been sick one day since I started being treated with NSA. Not a single cold, sniffle or cough...that is pretty amazing.  Dr. Caliendo is not only an expert in her field but she is kind and compassionate and truly cares about her patients. The office staff and environment are very welcoming and I have met some great people here. I am looking forward to learning more from Dr. Caliendo and continuing to improve my health.


Since I was about 14 years old, I have had two curves in my back. This led to quite a few issues including a twisted rib cage.  I was always quite active, but it was getting more and more difficult as I got older.  I've seen standard chiropractors throughout my entire life with little improvement and scary prognoses.

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>span cache="font-size:16px;">At that time I was introduced to network care. I began treatment and my foot and leg pain went away within a few weeks.  Within 4 months, I was able to find a new home with Edie in the neighborhood we loved. A few months later, I found a new job that brought me back to the spirit I once had coming out of school.  And, within the next month, my father pulled me aside and said, 'If you plan on marrying Edie, I'd like to give you your mom's wedding ring to propose.' 

It has been quite a few years now and I can say that there are moments that I realize how much I have grown.  I was not aware of the level of depression that I considered 'normal.'  I sometimes look back and am amazed that I perceive the world in such a different way.  Recently, Dr. Caliendo did an x-ray on my back and there was approximately a 10 degree improvement in the upper curve of my spine.

Aside from all that, I convinced my wife, Edie, to see Dr. Caliendo. We believe wholeheartedly that Dr. Caliendo was instrumental in helping us bring a healthy baby boy into this world. There are so many nuances to life that have changed.  The way I deal with every interaction is more elevated and continues to be more so.  I live more awake and have more control over my self.


I lived a healthy life style by eating organic food, using organic personal care products, staying active, and going for acupuncture on a regular basis for 15 years.

But I started to make a list of things I wanted to change including chronic acid reflux; neck and shoulder pain; trouble falling asleep and staying asleep; dizziness; hair loss; tinnitus; vision issues; and infertility.

Shortly after starting care, my front tooth developed an infection which Dr. Caliendo has been addressing.  If it was not for Dr. Caliendo I would have had a root canal on this tooth by now.

Since I have started care 6 months ago, half of the items on my list are no longer an issue and my hair loss has improved.

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>span cache="font-size:16px;">Here are some things I have done to supplement my care that I would’ve never known if it were not for Dr. Caliendo: removed my amalgam filling to eliminate the damaging effects of mercury on my body; practice SRI regularly; completed the 3 month True Cellular Detox to remove damaging neurotoxins; intermittent fasting 6 days a week; and continue to educate myself by attending Dr. Caliendo’s workshops and Clear Days.

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>span cache="font-size: 20px;">Marilyn

I came to this office because my daughter said she heard success stories. I was battling chronic bronchitis that past winter so I thought I would give it a try for the next winter. I had constant coughing and excessive phlegm waking me up in the middle of the night.

In fact, most of my life I had sinus infections constantly. I went to many doctors and the last doctor recommended surgery so I decided against it and decided to use the neti pot daily.

I've been under care for over a year, and my breathing is better. I can go without the neti pot for days and weeks! I have not experienced sinus infections or bronchitis since I have been coming for treatment. 

May 2018 Practice Members of the Month - Kelly and Christine

My posture has improved, I no longer limp or “hobble.” I sleep very well, and feel rested when I wake up and I don’t need as much sleep. I feel more aware of my thoughts and emotions and how they are connected to what I am feeling physically. I am able to think and feel and process without feeling overwhelmed by the thoughts or emotions. Feeling very hopeful, I have much more energy, motivation. No more pain. No more reflux. Hormones are becoming more balanced. Unexpected weight loss. Much less cravings for unhealthy food. More patience, calmness, relaxed, more joy, I’m fun again, better able to spend quality time with my daughter and have fun with her and enjoy her.

April 2018 Practice Members of the Month - Emily and Frank

From Emily: Before I started treatment with Dr. Sabrina I had almost given up hope that I would ever feel “normal” again. I was experiencing pain on a daily basis in nearly every part of my body. Along with this, I was having crippling tension headaches, IBS, anxiety, depression, and trouble sleeping through the night.

Luckily, a good friend recommended Dr. Sabrina to me. After a year of treatment, I am confident in saying I feel better and stronger with every week and have practically no pain plaguing my days. Dr. Sabrina is an incredibly skilled chiropractor. I am hesitant to refer to her work as magical or miraculous (because I don’t feel like it gives her enough credit), but what she has done for me feels like the miracle that I needed to regain control of my life. My health has gone through a total transformation. I am sleeping through the night comfortably. My digestive system feels better. The headaches I was having frequently have nearly disappeared. I have less anxious energy and relate to stress in a healthier way. And what about the pain? Areas that used to bother me every day, like my hips, don’t bother me at all.  I feel happy, healthy, and enthusiastic about living life again thanks to Nurture Wellbeing and Dr. Sabrina.

From Frank:

My fiancé Emily started getting care first. After 6 months, I saw all the benefits from Emily’s treatment, so I decided to get care myself. When I started a couple months ago, I had lower back pain, my hip was sore, I was irritable, stressed, anxious, and depressed sometimes.

Right from the start of care, my lower back started to feel less pain. Now my hip feels a lot better, and I am not as stressed, anxious, or irritable. I am not feeling depressed. I accomplish more at my job, sleep more, and my home life has improved so much. Emily and I have become closer as a couple.

March 2018 Practice Members of the Month - Mark and Laurie

From Mark:  When I first came to Dr. Caliendo, I thought she was a crazy lady! She wasn’t going to manipulate my spine? She is only going to gently touch certain areas to open pathways? Why was I going to waste money on this hocus pocus magic? I decided to give it a try, after all, what harm could it do? I will give her a few months and see what happens, I thought. After the first week, my headaches had completely gone away! After the first month, I was getting actual, restful sleep! My snoring had diminished so much that my wife was even getting better sleep! My posture, my attitude and my outlook have all improved dramatically. It has been almost two years that I am under her care and I am very happy with where Dr. Caliendo has been able to guide me. Her passion and dedication to her practice and practice members comes through every time we see her. I am looking forward to continuing my journey into wellbeing with Dr. Caliendo!

From Laurie: When I first came to Dr. Caliendo, I was obsessed with finding a solution to why I couldn’t drop the excess weight even though I was eating healthy and exercising. I had ongoing lower back and shoulder pain and wasn’t sleeping through the night. After being under care for two years, I look forward to coming here weekly. The SRI teachings started to calm my mind and gave me clearer focus so it wasn’t so much on my weight. My brain seemed to clear a new path, new thoughts came to mind, I started learning more and thinking, what do I want to do now? Then I attended some clear days. What a life changer! I am clear on what was holding me back. I have a clear purpose in life now, to help others, and I am very focused. Coming to Nurture Wellbeing was the best decision I have made yet! The pain is gone. Gratitude is what I have for Dr. Caliendo and her staff. It is a great place to heal and come into your total wellbeing.

February 2018 Practice Member of the Month - Crystal

I chose to come to Nurture Wellbeing because I was experiencing a lot of fatigue, anxiety, and sciatic pain that would come and go. My mother was already under care with Dr. Caliendo, and she really wanted me to seek care for PCOS, digestive issues, and migraines.

Before I came to Nurture Wellbeing, I was able to work, but I didn’t have much energy for things after coming home or in the morning when waking up. My husband and I also really want to start a family and the PCOS was getting in the way of that.

To deal with the problem before I discovered care, I relied mostly on medication: I was on birth control pills from age 15/16 to age 28, which masked the PCOS symptoms but made a lot of other things worse (headaches, mood, fatigue). When I stopped taking that, all of my PCOS symptoms came back and I would go several months between periods. I saw an OB/GYN who prescribed Metformin, which helped the secondary symptoms but still left me irregular, with 37 to 50 day cycles.

When my mom referred me to Dr. Caliendo, almost immediately, chiropractic care regulated my cycle and improved my energy levels and my moods. It improved my sleep and even my eyesight. It’s also helped me in better connecting with, understanding, and empathizing with others, which has been very helpful at home and in my work with supervising staff who provide direct care and support services to the mentally ill.


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