Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain

Different forms of pain can have different causes and different solutions.

Trauma is the common cause of acute pain- ex. If you close your finger in a door or break a leg- you know what caused it and how to fix it.

Chronic pain, or regularly reoccurring pain, can be caused by NeuroSpinal dysfunction. Over-arousal of the nervous system can create muscle spasms, tight joints, and muscles because the brain cannot regulate the tissues properly. This can cause pain and even arthritis. The brain and nerves can also “learn” pain, sustaining and increasing pain long after the physical damage or original trauma is long past.

This recurrent pain can be manifested in the neck, back, shoulders, as decreased pain tolerance, increased inflammation, unstable joints, severe muscle tension, lack of body awareness and abnormal postural patterns.

Often the solutions for back, neck or shoulder pain includes medication, physical therapy, massage and even surgery. Although these can be effective, if the pain is caused by NeuroSpinal dysfunction, the pain will likely come back, show up in a different region and sometimes intensify.

If you are seeking treatment for neck, back or shoulder pain, we will assess for NeuroSpinal dysfunction that would contribute to those symptoms and secondary conditions.  Dr. Caliendo uses a technique that assists the nervous system to adapt to future stressors to enable you to live well despite your diagnosis. By treating the root of the problem, you can move on from the challenges and live a better quality of life.


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