What Are My Care Options?


Your care is your decision.

We work with you to evaluate your health, using our precision testing equipment for clear, concise results. Because patient education is essential to create the foundation for true health, we explain how we find the results during the assessment. This information is not meant to give an opinion specific to other practitioners of any kind, only to provide you with the tools to decide what health options are best for you.

There are many healthcare options available in both traditional medicine and natural holistic healthcare. Many of these options therapeutically, medically, or naturally, work towards managing pain or symptoms and restoring a person to a previous state. It is possible that another method may work independently or in conjunction with our care to reach your goals.

Nurture Wellbeing Chiropractic uses an approach that creates strategies within the spine and nervous system to develop or maintain your best health.

During your consultation or evaluation, if we discover that our office is not the best solution for you, or you need a different type of care than we can provide, we will support you in finding your best care. Nurture Wellbeing Chiropractic has developed a professional relationship with many skilled, prestigious practitioners and will refer you to the appropriate person within our network to help you meet your goals.

In spinal and nervous system healthcare, the options that people generally look at are a temporary restorative or treatment models. Most practitioners focus on pain or symptom relief and can do an excellent job in that area. Often people start with medications, herbal or homeopathic choices to stop the pain and symptoms. If that doesn’t work, they move on to physical therapy, injections, and even surgery. Pain and symptoms are warning signs that something is wrong. If we mask the symptoms, the problem is usually still there, and getting worse. Our mission at Nurture Wellbeing Chiropractic is to treat the underlying neurological and spinal concerns that often cause the secondary symptoms and conditions, eliminating both the cause and the symptom.

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  • "Wellness matters. At every moment, we have the opportunity to build ourselves up or break ourselves down. Through chiropractic care, you can transform the state of your wellness: more vitality, more joy, more energy. Healing is our birthright- and Dr. Sabrina knows how to guide you there."