Chemical Sensitivities

Do you feel as if you are allergic to life?

Our nervous systems can become vigilant and overworked losing the ability to determine true threats and engaging in full fight or flight response through our limbic system when we are neurologically overloaded. (The limbic system is the emotional center of the brain.) For people suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) or Idiopathic Environmental Intolerances or allergies, fumes, smoke, perfume, or a range of chemicals in the environment can trigger this "threat" response. Chronic NeuroSpinal Dysfunction can result in neurological exhaustion and affect the limbic system, creating secondary conditions such as feeling tired, depression, brain fog, difficulty concentrating, vertigo, chronic fatigue, and muscle pain.


The most common solution for this challenge is to restrict your exposure to these triggers, limiting your world. If NeuroSpinal Dysfunction is the cause of your chemical sensitivity, rectifying the  NeuroSpinal patterns can create the foundation for better toleration to exposure and recovery, removing some of the limitations to your world.


If you are seeking treatment for chemical sensitivities treatment, we will assess for NeuroSpinal dysfunction that would contribute to those symptoms and secondary conditions.  Dr. Caliendo uses a technique that assists the nervous system to adapt to future stressors to enable you to live well despite your diagnosis. By treating the root of the problem, you can move on from the challenges and live your best quality of life.

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