What Should I Expect During My Comprehensive NeuroSpinal Exam?


After a complimentary consultation, a prospective patient may choose to move forward with our complete NeuroSpinal evaluation. Usually, the evaluation occurs immediately after the consultation. However, it can be rescheduled for another time, if desired. There is no obligation for you to continue with the evaluation. The decision is up to you. Our goal is to serve you and give you the highest quality of clinical care we can.


Some of the evaluation procedures that we may include are:

Surface electromyography

Computerized thermography

Weight balance distribution

Computerized postural study

Heart rate variability


Facilitative pattern palpation, motion palpation

Flexion and lateral flexion adverse cord and connective tissue assessment.


Depending on presenting concerns, we may recommend additional assessment or procedures for further investigation into your health. Our NeuroSpinal evaluation is comprehensive. People have stated that it is the most thorough evaluation they have had in a chiropractic office. We ask you to prepare to be in the office for an hour for the full evaluation to ensure we have the time for due diligence.

Our complete NeuroSpinal evaluation is designed to assess your neural and spinal integrity, structure, behavior and your somatic perceptions. This evaluation provides both you and Dr. Caliendo with the information needed for a greater understanding of your body and what solutions are best for you.

   At the conclusion of your evaluation, we will schedule a conference with Dr. Caliendo to go over your results. Then, Dr. Caliendo will review all of your information and create a care plan that fits your current needs. During the scheduled appointment, the doctor will explain your exam results and go over your recommended care plan to meet your goals.

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