Difficulty Breathing

Breathing affects everything in your life. Improper breathing can cause anxiety, tension, and low energy. Forward Head Syndrome- and upper cervical and upper back NeuroSpinal dysfunction, can impair nerve function, putting pressure on the heart and lungs, inflame the sinuses, as well as hamper the diaphragm and the brain's ability to regulate the breathing process.

Forward Head syndrome can present secondary conditions such as exercise-induced asthma, snoring, chest congestion, allergies, chronic coughing, shallow or gasping breaths, "forgetting to breathe" and the increase of seasonal colds and flu. Breathing is essential to life, and breathing problems can be very frustrating.

Common solutions for breathing trouble includes allergy medication, inhalers, CPAP machines, and oxygen, but none of these short-term solutions address the underlying problem if it is NeuroSpinal Dysfunction. As a result, it will culminate into decreased breathing capacity over time. If you are seeking treatment for breathing difficulties, we will assess for NeuroSpinal dysfunction that would contribute to those symptoms and secondary conditions.  Dr. Caliendo uses a technique that assists the nervous system to adapt to future stressors, enabling you to live well. By treating the root of the problem, you can move on from the challenges and live a better quality of life.

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