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What conditions and symptoms do you treat?

Nurture Wellbeing Chiropractic works on eliminating the root of your concerns and uses NeuroSpinal Correction. NeuroSpinal Correction targets the primary condition which sometimes creates numerous symptoms and secondary conditions. We find that most symptoms are secondary to neurological or spinal structural dysfunctions (NeuroSpinal Dysfunction), and by correcting them, secondary symptoms improve or resolve.

Chronic pain, anxiety, low energy, challenges in focusing, hormonal stress, panic, overwhelm and many others, can all be secondary symptoms. We support members without secondary conditions to maintain their best health and sustain their personal best quality of life.


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I’ve been to another Network Chiropractic office before. Why do I need a consultation and exam in yours?

Our goal is our members' best health. At Nurture Wellbeing, we go above the standard, using cutting-edge technology and NASA created equipment to ensure our results are as accurate as possible. Your current goals and the exams should be as accurate and current as possible to construct the best care plan to achieve results. A comprehensive exam and regular re-examinations are essential to ensure your care plan is meeting the needs and changes of your nervous system.

 We think you’ll appreciate the difference.


How do I know your office can help me?

The only way to know that our office is the right fit is to come in for a consultation. We offer a 15-minute complimentary consultation that we give us the information needed to make that assessment without the commitment. We will review your comprehensive history and assess whether it makes sense to continue with a NeuroSpinal exam. Unfortunately, we are not able to work with every person; if we do not find NeuroSpinal dysfunction or we cannot work with you for some reason, we will still help refer you to our network of skilled professionals that can.  However, if we can help, we will put together a care plan based on your results and goals.

Schedule your Complimentary Consultation by calling (631) 257-5501.

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  • "Wellness matters. At every moment, we have the opportunity to build ourselves up or break ourselves down. Through chiropractic care, you can transform the state of your wellness: more vitality, more joy, more energy. Healing is our birthright- and Dr. Sabrina knows how to guide you there."