Low Energy / Adrenal Fatigue

Having low energy can zap the life out of your time.

If you still feel drained after a good night’s sleep, or have been missing your ‘get up and go,’ or have more urge to stay in and ‘veg out’ then to go out or spend time with loved ones, than your body may be stuck in the sense of overload.

Sometimes having to force yourself through simple tasks or lacking joy in the things you used to love to do, can be indicators of NeuroSpinal dysfunction.

Our bodies are made to handle a certain amount of physical, chemical and psychological stress. If the stress is too excessive, chronic or is created by spinal damage, the body becomes stuck in this heightened state of arousal and burns out.

NeuroSpinal dysfunction can affect your ability to restore your body, think clearly, and perform necessary physiological functions. NeuroSpinal Dysfunction can show up as secondary conditions such as adrenal fatigue, restless sleep,  exhaustion or chronic fatigue.

Often people use caffeine, prescription stimulants and sleep medications to combat these symptoms. However, if these low energy symptoms are secondary to NeuroSpinal Dysfunction, you may experience decreased results from those approaches. Our approach is to assess for NeuroSpinal Dysfunction, and if it is present, treat the underlying cause of your low energy and supporting your nervous system to better adapt to future stressors, decreasing your bodies future need for exhaustion. By getting to the root, we can help you to resolve your challenges and support your growth into your best life.



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