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    “If I can transform one life at a time, I’m not only transforming one life. Each person touches thousands, possibly millions. Even generationally, if you can change a mother or father, and help them be in their most optimal state, then you can change their children’s lives, then their grandchildren’s lives, and so on. We’re creating new patterns even in family relationships, and it changes the paradigm that you’re living.” 

    – Dr. Sabrina Caliendo

    Growing up in the large coastal resort town of Bournemouth, on the South Coast of England, Dr. Sabrina Caliendo’s road to Nurture Wellbeing Chiropractic PC has been a long, exciting, and very rewarding one.

    After graduating from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in England in 2000, she went on to practice at The Center For Positive Health in Telford, U.K., where she was a top associate. After two years there, Caliendo moved to Shirley, Southampton, where she joined the team at St. James Chiropractic.
    In 2004, Caliendo returned to Bournemouth. It was a homecoming of sort for Sabrina, in the best possible way. She returned to the town she grew up in, with an opportunity to help the people in her community that she held near and dear to her heart.  Wave of Life Wellness Center was born and Caliendo owned and operated the Practice for the next three years. It grew from a generic “Chiropractic Practice” to an energized hub for growth and education.

    Wave of Life Wellness was Dr. Caliendo’s first Network Spinal Analysis Practice. She began practicing Network Spinal Analysis earlier in 2004, and made a decision to always work with people to express their full potential, and not just chase pain. Instead of dealing with the subluxations on a physical level, they are treated on a mental level as well.  

    The Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) process basically uses light touches on the soothing parts of the body, allowing your brain to make a connection with that spot. After a while, the brain begins to connect with those peaceful areas, overcoming the tension. This eventually becomes an automatic response when the body and/or brain experiences stress. This work is gentle but extremely powerful.  It creates massive shifts both physically and emotionally, and teaches the body to regulate itself from the inside out. This is a very unique approach, as the body actually learns to “self-correct”, and the Nervous System becomes even more evolved.

    For Dr. Caliendo, it was so fulfilling to be able to give back to her family, friends, and the wonderful coastal resort town that help shape her. Wave of Life Wellness Center is where she discovered more of herself – her entrepreneurial spirit and her ability to inspire others to want to achieve more life expression. Her love and passion grew exponentially, and she realized that her profession was in fact, her calling.

    Sabrina met her husband, a fellow chiropractor, Dr. Anthony Caliendo, at a seminar in Italy in 2005. Sabrina moved to New York to join Anthony, and they were married in 2007. A year later, the couple founded Practice Wellbeing together in Lindenhurst, New York, which is still in existence today.

    After giving birth to her daughters, Anjali, in 2010, and Gioia, in 2012, Sabrina scaled back to working part-time, in order to raise her family and be closer to their home in St. James. It was during this time, a desire grew to create a community of health-minded people and have her children surrounded by such families in their everyday lives. And in 2015, Nurture Wellbeing Chiropractic PC was born. 

    Located in Stony Brook, New York, Nurture Wellbeing has become an epicenter for people who want to live their best lives and reach their ultimate potential. It is a center for natural healing through the modality of gentle Chiropractic, and serves the community through education and service. Dr. Sabrina is dedicated to educating her Practice Members, and hosts an array of informative monthly workshops in her “Nurture U Series.” Nurture Wellbeing Chiropractic makes donations to many different charities and supports locals groups, because Sabrina strongly believes in raising everyone up locally.
    Her mission for Nurture Wellbeing has always been to transform lives through education, inspire passion, strength, knowledge and leadership in the community -- Empowering all to embrace a drug free, pain free, way of life.

    She is licensed and experienced in many forms of Chiropractic, including Cranial Work, Nutrition, Chirodontics, Pediatrics, Emotional Release Work, and Women’s Health. She is a Mastery Level in Network Spinal, a member of the New York Chiropractic Council, a member of the European Chiropractic Union, and a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association. She is a published writer and acts as a mentor to many chiropractors in the field.

    Dr. Sabrina Caliendo received the “Woman of Honor” Award in the category of “Sciences and Contribution to the Community” at the prestigious Gaia’s Essence Women’s Health Conference in 2018.  She will be a Featured Speaker at the conference in September, 2019.



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  • "Wellness matters. At every moment, we have the opportunity to build ourselves up or break ourselves down. Through chiropractic care, you can transform the state of your wellness: more vitality, more joy, more energy. Healing is our birthright- and Dr. Sabrina knows how to guide you there."