Restless Leg

Sometimes the body wants to move when the mind needs rest.

When you are trying to sleep, your legs cramp, tremor, jump and sometimes just hurt. You know it shouldn’t be this way, but even the prescription doesn’t help much. If this sounds like you, then you may have NeuroSpinal Dysfunction. If your legs are having these reactions when you need to rest, it could be a dysfunction of the sensory-motor system.

The Sensory- Motor System is designed to organize and reset our posture from the stresses of the day. If your system is overloaded with NeuroSpinal Dysfunction, it can increase muscle activity and surge the ‘fight or flight’ response, making relaxing nearly impossible.

Often people turn to medications, including anti-depressants to combat these symptoms. If the Restless Leg Syndrome is due to NeuroSpinal Dysfunction in may be challenging to find a medication that gives you relief.

If you are looking for relief from Restless Leg Syndrome, we will assess you for NeuroSpinal Dysfunction, and if found, will treat the underlying cause as well as the secondary symptoms. Our approach is unique in its ability to help the nervous system to better adapt to future stressors, decreasing your body’s need to develop future physical agitation and restless legs. By treating the root of the challenges, we can support you in achieving your best life.


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