Here are some experiences from our most valued practice members.

"There is an overall feeling of wellbeing and peace of mind."-John F

"I am able to turn my neck without pain. Less back pain, I'm learning relaxation methods. There have been positive outcomes without medication."-Mary F

"I have less pain in my lower back with overall body wellness and I am feeling better. I have had many positive changes since the beginning of my care. Physical- feeling less pain, emotional-releasing negative energy, and Spiritual-I'm centered."-Theresa F

"I have less neck and back pain, I am amazed how quickly and noticeably changes happen within me."-Greg M

"I would say that care is a life changing decision and in every way possible a positive one. I feel a sense of calm and control."-Janine R

"I have less headaches, better health. I feel relaxed and not congested. A sense of zen.Dr. Caliendo is amazing."-Todd T

"My back pain has decreased tremendously. I notice the anxiousness subside or at least I'm able to control more breathing and emotional release. It's not just what the average person thinks chiropractic care is, just adjusting bone/spine. It is an emotional and spiritual cleanse."-Suzanne S

"I have mental clarity, understanding my purpose now and I see clearly. I'm heart and soul led. More love and abundance in all areas of my life."-Louise K

"I feel more connected with my body.Humans weren't meant to take prescriptions. Dr. Caliendo can help you remove harmful drugs from your life and allow your body to heal itself."-Richard G

"I am better able to adapt in stressful situations. I am more aware of my spine throughout the day and less stressed."-Renee D

"I am more aware of my body and spine. i have a higher ability to cope with stress effectively. my neck no longer cracks, my breath is deeper and more full. I am more calm with reduced anxiety."-Christine C

I have better sleep, greater ease of breathing and depth of breathing. My joints no longer pop and crack. Feel more at ease and relaxed after visits."-Steve A

"I got through my last trimester with no problems nor concerns. I recovered quickly after a c-section. I feel fantastic and have become much more self-aware. Everyone should be treated to feel and be their best." - Jerilyn C.

"I feel my posture has improved, and I am more aware of my body, and it signals." - Daniel C.

"Absolutely incredible. Sabrina is an angelic light-being way beyond this dimension. Her work speaks volumes. Highly recommended !"- Mike G.

"Since visiting Nurture Wellbeing, not only have I discovered new levels of physical healing, but my life has opened. I feel expansive, personally and professionally, and more joyful.My care has helped me transform my life. I feel more clear and on purpose. I have been able, more and more, to let go of what no longer serves me and to step into my power. This not only has transformed me but everyone around me. This healing has been both a gift and a responsibility, and I am tremendously grateful for the opportunity."- Ashley A.

"I have only been a patient of Dr. Sabrina Caliendo since she opened her  location in Smithtown. In that short time, my entire life has changed for the better. Not only do I feel much better physically, but I find that I feel more aware of my place in life. Since my treatment I am less focused on pain because it has been dramatically reduced and how it prevents me from accomplishing my goals. I am feeling less self-imposed boundaries and more resolve and gumption. Although the benefits I have experienced are valuable, to express them all, I would have to write about an hour’s worth of reading. For time’s sake, I will only express this one.

Before treatment I suffered from “gout like inflammation” in my big toes. After a woman began to tell me about the changes she was able to make in her dietary restrictions, I hesitantly tried eating a few of the items on my restricted list. I no longer have a dietary restriction list! I can eat whatever I desire without hesitation or painful inflammation!!! The only change I have made has been introducing Chiropractic care with Dr. Sabrina Caliendo." -Marissa B.

"Wellness matters. At every moment, we have the opportunity to build ourselves up or break ourselves down. Through chiropractic care, you can transform the state of your wellness: more vitality, more joy, more energy. Healing is our birthright- and Dr. Sabrina knows how to guide you there." -Ashley A.

"Dr. Sabrina has helped me a great deal during and after my pregnancy. My carpel tunnel has subsided substantially, and I feel that I was able to stay active and recover quickly due to Dr. Sabrina." -Jerilyn C.

"My care at Nurture Well Being with Dr Sabrina Caliendo has been a two fold experience. When I began I wasn't sure that this would work for me. Now that I have been receiving care for just over three months I can say that it has made a difference in my overall physical and emotional well being. I definately feel different. Just had my 90 day re evaluation and the proof is in the tests. My body is changing, scoliosis is improving and I am becoming healthier everyday. Anyone with spinal and health issues should give Nurture Well Being a try. Your body and mind will thank you!" -Kathleen T.

"Every entrainment is different but what I love is that each one always nudges me in the right direction. In Dr. Sabrina's office, I feel more peaceful and more connected to myself and everyone else in the room. I feel a sense of loving, supportive community, which pushes me further at each visit." -Ashley A.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Wellness matters. At every moment, we have the opportunity to build ourselves up or break ourselves down. Through chiropractic care, you can transform the state of your wellness: more vitality, more joy, more energy. Healing is our birthright- and Dr. Sabrina knows how to guide you there."