Trouble Focusing

Focus relies on both your brain and your body. 

90% of your brain stimulation comes from your spine!

NeuroSpinal Dysfunction can affect the pre-frontal cortex and limbic system of the brain, resulting in secondary conditions such as hyperactivity, mood swings, low energy, ADD, ADHD, and instability. 
 You could be presenting with brain fog, poor motivation, irritability, distraction, or an under-aroused nervous system or your brain could be over-aroused, with racing thoughts, hyperactivity, anxiety, unable to switch off to relax creating mental exhaustion.  You could flip back and forth between the two states, leaving uncertainty as to what you can expect of yourself each day. Focus conditions are not all alike and cannot use "cookie cutter" treatment as an effective solution.
Often people use medications and stimulants as a solution. However, if the underlying cause of your trouble focusing is NeuroSpinal Dysfunction, these short-term effects will not resolve the problem and furthermore, can cause undesirable side effects. 
For treatment of ADD/ADHD or trouble focusing, we assess for NeuroSpinal Dysfunction and if present, correct the NeuroSpinal Dysfunction behind the secondary conditions. Using our approach, we have the unique ability to support your nervous system to better adapt to future stressors, increasing your ability to be focused and productive. By getting to the root, we can support your nervous system in resolving the challenges and living your best life.   

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